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  1. shirayuki-san 1wk 4d ago


  2. Steffi1690 Moderator 7wk 2d ago


  3. Korra 18wk 4d ago

    Oh, be more careful. It will be so sad to lose a miter like you .

  4. MisaSasekage Moderator 18wk 4d ago

    Second Warning for uploading low quality scans.

    Please double check your scan quality before you upload any scans or official art.

  5. Korra 18wk 4d ago

    Quote by cleaetpauline60

    Quote by Korra Yeah, ok .

    Thanks you!

    It's ok ^^' in my case!

  6. Korra 18wk 4d ago

    Yeah, ok .

  7. Steffi1690 Moderator 21wk 5d ago

    Please go through the gallery when you post something.

  8. MisaSasekage Moderator 22wk 5d ago

    Please use the post below as a guideline to help you be able to spot quality issues & should make uploading art here easier for you:

    Quote by pandemonium91

    Jagged outlines refers to images that have either been resized or rotated improperly. Basically, outlines should be smooth, not choppy. Here's a visual example:


    Jagged outlines can also appear when art is extracted improperly, like with the Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop. The tool selects one color mostly, but it will usually also grab colors in that selected color's range (for example, if you have an image where a pink and a red area are right next to each other, selecting the red area can also select part of the pink one). Below, I extracted a character from an official artwork, then pasted her on another background:


    And to clarify what JPEG artifacts mean, another visual example:


    If you look around the outlines, especially on the dark purple hair, you will notice some fuzziness. That's not supposed to be there.

    Saving images at a high quality is a must, since some colors (red, especially) are sensitive to drops in quality. Saving a mostly red image at 7 quality instead of 10, 11, or 12 will give you an image full of artifacts, like below:


  9. Korra 23wk 3d ago

    Quote by cleaetpauline60

    Quote by Korra Ne t'inquiète pas ❕

    Oh okay ! ^^ Do you speak French ? (゜ロ゜)

    No , but I can say a few phrases when it should.

  10. Korra 23wk 3d ago

    Ne t'inquiète pas ❕

  11. Korra 23wk 3d ago

    Quote by cleaetpauline60

    Quote by Korra But, check it out. You absolutely double them . Be careful next time.

    Hey, What means "double them" ? I don't speak English sorry.

    It's Dupliquer . :)

  12. Korra 23wk 4d ago

    But, check it out. You absolutely double them . Be careful next time.

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